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Science Advisory Board of SBB



Professor Sir Alan Fersht, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Alan Fersht was a pioneer of protein engineering, which he developed as a primary method for analysis of the structure, activity and folding of proteins. He has developed methods for the high resolution of protein folding in the sub-millisecond time-scale and has pioneered the method of phi value analysis for studying the folding transition states of proteins. His interests also include protein misfolding, disease and cancer.

 Wim Hol

Professor Wim Hol, University of Washington, Seatlle, USA

Wim Hol's research is mainly focused on unraveling the crystal structures of key proteins from major tropical pathogens in parallel with structure-based development of inhibitors of these proteins. He also made several contributions to the development of methods in protein crystallography. Most recently these have been made largely within the framework of the Structural Genomics of Pathogenic Protozoa (SGPP).

 Alfred Wittinghofer

Professor Alfred Wittinghofer, Max Planck Institute, Dortmund, Germany

Alfred Withinghofer's group is studying various aspects of the biochemistry and structure-function analysis of small and large GTP-binding proteins. They are applying biophysical and biochemical methods such as NMR, fluorescence and X-Ray crystallography to study the interaction of our favourite proteins with its regulators and effectors, both in vitro and if possible, in vivo.