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Protein purification: Our lab is equipped with a complete up-to-date Äkta purification platform (2 Explorers, 2 Basics, 1 FPLC, 1 Prime) to cover medium-pressure purification up to 100 ml/min and a high-pressure Waters HPLC system. We support purification process design from crude extract to highly pure protein for crystallisation.

           Contact: Joris Messens

Enzymology: Our expertise includes steady-state and pre-steady-state kinetics. We have a stopped flow apparatus (Applied Photophysics SX18.MV ) including sequential mixing capabilities and quenched flow equipment up and running.

          Contact: John Barlow

Calorimetry: The laboratory is equipped with an Omega isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC), as well as a VP-DSC differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), both from MicroCal. The ITC instrument is used for the detailed analysis of biomolecular binding events, whereas the DSC system provides quantitative data on the stability of individual proteins and their complexes. Calorimetric studies provide an excellent complement to our structural and biochemical methodologies.

          Contact: Lieven Buts

Crystallography: The lab is fully equipped for structural biology with an Rigaku RU200 X-ray generator, a MAR image plate detector, an Oxford Cryosystem cooling device and a series of high end PC's for crystallographic computing. In addition, beamtime for macromolecular crystallography is available on a regular basis at ESRF (Grenoble, France) and DESY (Hamburg, Germany)

          Contact: Remy Loris

Bio-NMR: Our lab is equipped with a 600 and 800 Mhz spectrometers with cryoprobes.

           ContactNico van Nuland

Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy: For the study of dynamic interactions with high sensitivity for a minimal amount of materials (picograms), we have a Biacore 3000 from Biacore International AB, Uppsala, Sweden, up and running. The apparatus is equipped with an automatic sampler and a recovery unit for ligand fishing applications. Surface plasmon resonance real-time kinetic measurements are performed without the requirement for labeling of the interacting partners, which can be anything from proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nanovesicles up to small cells like bacteria.

          Contact: Julie Bouckaert

Atomic force microscopy: Our lab is equipped with a Multimode Nanoscope IIIa AFM from Veeco. Expertise is available to look at proteins, protein crystal growth, DNA (fragments, plasmids), lipid layers, as well as the binding of proteins to DNA or lipid membranes.

          Contact: Ronnie Willaert

Membrane research: Specific technology on membrane and membrane protein research includes a planar lipid bilayer machine from BioLogics connected to an ADI converter which allows us to measure channel forming proteins. A surface balance apparatus (Kibron) can be used to study interactions of different molecules with lipid monolayers. This machine is further equipped with a Langmuir-Blodgett lipid deposition device that can be used in Atomic Force Microscopy studies. The laboratory also has a Lipofast extruder (Avestin) to prepare uni-lamellar vesicles.

          Contact: Vasundara Srinivasan