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  Structural & Molecular Microbiology: The SMM unit studies the structural molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions, increasing our understanding of the fundamental principles governing infectious process. 
  Biomedical targets: Under the broad theme Biomedical Targets, we systematically develop nanobodies as a general tool for structural and mechanistic studies.
  • Crystallization chaperones: Nanobodies are used for the structural investigation of insoluble proteins, membrane proteins, protein complexes and proteins with intrinsically flexible segments.
  • Aggregating targets: Nanobodies are used as tools to study the processes leading to amyloid formation. Nanobodies are used to define and isolate intermediates and the study the dyamic characteristics of the amyloids.
  Bacterial toxin-antitoxin modules: We pioneered the structural biology of these toxin proteins and protease sensitive antitoxin proteins which harbour large intrinsically disordered segments.
  Biomolecular NMR: We are currently developing a new NMR facility is Brussels
Structural enzymology: The lab has a tradition in studies of enzyme mechanisms and has strengthened its fast-kinetics expertise.
  • Enzyme mechanisms: Research lines include the modulation of protein function with antibodies and the structural enzymology of tRNA-modifying enzymes.
  • Redox Biology: This project focusses on basic questions concerning mechanisms in prokaryotic redox cascades.
  Our department makes use of ISS for microgravity research.
  • Protein crystallization in microgravity
  • Cellular adhesion of yeast in microgravity


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